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Episode 38

Published on:

12th Aug 2021

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Part 2

In this episode we’re going to follow-up on Part 1 of our conversation on social media. This week we’re going to hit home a bit and talk about how addicted we are to the media, and then offer some suggestions on how to detox. Whoa, here we go, another big-time strap in time this week, Stu…

 What is the roguish way to alter the future?

Addict: : “one exhibiting a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity.”

The Power

  • Realize how powerless we are and have given over our power to SM et. al.
  • Seek the strength of a higher power
  • Better use of your time?
  • Target your focus/relationships/conversations away from SM

The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix

  • Turn Off Notifications
  • Remove Toxic Apps
  • Remove Facebook → Message friends with Signal
  • Remove TikTok → Send video messages by direct text or with Marco Polo
  • Remove Snapchat → Get creative in Text instead‍
  • Remove Instagram → Use VSCO for photography

Download Helpful Tools

Eliminate Outrage from Your Diet

We vote with our clicks. Don't support sites that pollute our cultural environment with vitriol via clickbait and outrage.

  • Unfollow outrage-chasing voices on Twitter → Use iUnfollow
  • to clean up your Following. Start fresh and intentionally choose the voices you expose yourself to
  • Unfollow outrage driven Facebook Groups →Check your Groups > Settings > Following

Remove sharply polarized media outlets from your news feed. Follow Voices you Disagree With.

  • Check news sites whose perspectives you disagree withAllSides
  • gives readers a cross-partisan view of world events covered by the media, and sustains itself on a consciously created hybrid revenue model to avoid bias and clickbait incentives.

Be Compassionate

  • Pause → Remember there’s a real person behind the screen: Don’t be so quick to unfollow or publicly argue with someone who posts something you disagree with‍.
  • Try a private message to ask why they feel that way, with genuine curiosity and a desire to understand.        

Set Boundaries

  • Clear your morning & evenings → Set clear bounded blocks of time without technology
  • Device-free dinners → Play a game where the first person to check their device does the dishes‍.
  • Create a shared charging station at home → Charge your family's phones away from bedrooms overnight‍.
  • Buy a separate alarm clock → Wake up without getting sucked into your phone first thing in the morning

Fully Disconnect 1 Day Per Week

  • Pick a date and let your friends and family know you’ll be offline → Or better yet, invite them to join you

Remember the Positive

  • Take screenshots of the positive messages you receive to store in a folder on your phone → Let the rest go. Tech warps how our brains receive feedback, and we can fight back by remembering the positive.
  • Practice cultivating gratitude for others and using technology to share your love Send a special video to a friend with Tribute or Montage

Support Local Journalism

  • Don’t force your local newspaper to play social media’s clickbait game. Support your local newspaper directly by paying for a subscription so that we can remain the customer, not the product. Democracy doesn’t work without healthy journalism.
  • Take Control ‍Find your local newspapers and support them → USNPL directory
  • Upgrade your membership on platforms that provide meaningful content.
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